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    Hi. I am looking for some advise on a car lease I have on a bmw 530d that is expiring shortly. it was my first lease and think I have paid over the odds for it.

    a) the service indicator says I have 3000 miles to go before requiring a service which will be after the two year lease finishes. Should I have a service completed?

    b) there are a scraps on the alloys and a couple of marks on the paint. Should I repair these to avoid penalties at the end and if so does it need to be done by BMW repairer shop?

    Basically I am trying to find out what costs I should incur to minimise my total spend on the car over the lease and looking for general guidance please. Thanks v much.


    You would have to service according to the service schedule set by BMW. Give your local dealer a call.

    Small paint chips and light scratches are OK, I would get anything else touched up.

    If the indicator still has mike's on t when they collect it then it's fine.
    As has been said small dents and scratches are fine up to a point. There is a set of I cherry standard rules they use for assessing. I will look it out when on Mac later.

    Just returned mine and it is suorising how worrying s man inspecting a car can make you!

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    thanks for taking the time to comment. it is helpful
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