Car leasing questions?

    How soon do you start looking for a new deal before your current deal ends?

    Mine is up in six months and I have found a deal I like now.

    Also when one lease finishes and a new one starts - do you get the cars swapped the same day?

    As i dont want to be left with out a car !


    if its the same supplier ask them about it otherwise you're tied into the contract till the end. read the t and c on the contract about exchanges. but maybe in 6 months time there will be better cars and models to choose from.

    Kind of in the same situation too..current lease will end in March. When should I start looking at a new deal as it's important I won't be left without a car ..

    If you are looking at PCP lease then we are on our 7th lease and we have never gone the full term, most times we have changed after two years, (different and same manufacturer) the longest has been 2 years 6 months. It is down to the equity left on the lease, if the vehicle is valued at say £10000 and your lease equity is say £9000 then you can use the £1000 towards your next vehicle. If the equity is negative then this amount will be required on top of the next vehicle value. You are not tied into the PCP contract as long as the existing balance of the lease is covered.

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    thanks its PCH

    Wait till about 3month time left. The best deals tend to come out at the start of each financial quarter
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