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    Hey all,

    Was looking for a car to lease and wanted to know if anyone has done it? And if so where did they lease from? I personally think its the better option? What do people think?



    They let you lease not too bad as well. It has to be a long term thing though. I have done this and its ok but only treid short term

    Be aware though there are two types f leasing agreements you can get.One covers you for maintenance repairs and other doesn't. i think these lot give the option of both


    If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, rent it.

    Original Poster

    anyone know anymore websites?





    She's about as straight talkin as you'll get . . . . :thumbsup:


    ^^^^^^+1She's about as straight talkin as you'll get . . . . :thumbsup:

    Website is a bit daunting, but you get an almost personal service and prices are really good.

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