car light bulbs

Can anyone recomend any good deals on car light bulbs, went to halfords and the prices are well exspensive:-(


ebay depending on type, i can help if you tell me the type e.g. H4

Pound shops and stores of a similar ilk often have some bulbs in their "automotive" department. Most commonly you'll find suitable ones for brake lights and number plates depending on wattage and type. Occasionally you might even find front headlight bulbs if you have a very generic car. I get most of my replacement brake lights from pound stores.

Wilkinsons had some cheap. :thumbsup:

Lidl had some the other week.

Wilkinsons have various car bulbs cheap

I always get them from here...

I paid about 80p for a break light bulb at my local garage and fitted it myself.

Worth checking your local.

If youve got a new shape scenic be prepared for skinned knuckles, plenty of sweat blood and tears too along with a few expletives! They are anightmare to change headlamp bulbs on, dealers charge £60 to fit one and earn every penny! Its a tight fit and you have to do a fair bit of dismantling too before you can get to it!!

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Hey guys, thanks everyone for replying :thumbsup:
The bulbs i need are for a audi a3 2001
the dipped headlights and the front sidelights.

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ebay depending on type, i can help if you tell me the type e.g. H4

Hey davcohen
think the bulbs are h7 and 501
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