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    Im sure there was a website where you could get the equivalent of pages from a Haynes manual but I cant find it now. DOes anyone know???
    Im after instructions for changing a clutch in a citroen C15 van M reg. All help gratefully received



    1. Take car to garage & let them change clutch

    2. Pick car up

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    not very helpful if youre as skint as they come and you actually have a clutch that could be fitted if you knew how to do it!

    Your best off joining a Citroen owners club & asking them !

    mmm, if you need instructions I dont think I would attempt it. you need some mechanical knowledge aswell as a manual for that kinda job.
    (dont mean to offend if you have knowledge, just mean its a big job for a novice)

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    actually its for my fella who does have the knowledge - just wants the manual to be able to do it easier! I wouldnt have a clue - but then Im a girl and we struggle knowing which mirror to use for putting lippy on!

    NOT! lol

    You could maybe try your local library. i know we have loads of them where i work:)
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