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car mechanics: faulty petrol gauge (vw polo 1.2 02 plate)

Posted 10th Jul 2012
hi guys, i bought a 2nd hand card and found out the petrol gauge is not working to display the correct level of petrol.... i have a mechanic looking over it (neighbour - but very very good supposedly) but is this even fixable? he has already checked the fuses and tried to replace the fuel box or something and such but im not sure if this is a lost cause...

can anyone shed any light on this? cant fix a broken fuel gauge or fixable?
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Do you fill the tank to the top or just put in a few quid at a time?
lol... thanks for the quick reply, i thought i might of topped up very little and no not £1 worth of fuel but i put a full tank in and it still displayed 1/4 tank left..

when the tank is full try rocking the car vigerously

when the tank is full try rocking the car vigerously

this it could be a jammed float sensor, although approx half - 3/4 full may be better as it allows space for "sloshing" to knock it? or do both in turn at the same fill up.
It is only going to be the pump(comes with level sensor ) or the dash panel .

Tell him to remove the pump and move the level float by hand and see if the gauge goes up .
Sounds like it'll need a tank sender unit. If you unplug the unit & short out the 2 connectors on the plug, the guage should rise to full. This will confirm the sender unit being duff.
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