Car MOT and Service.. Where to go??

    Hi. I want to book my car in for an MOT and service and I have no idea where to go. Plus I am a woman and feel that garages often like to take us women for a ride. So really im looking for somewhere thats honest and will just do the job.

    I was going to go to Kwik Fit but after reading some dodgy reviews i've soon changed my mind!! Unless people know otherwise..??

    I live in Leeds and need somewhere reliable... if places exist!

    I have a 2006 reg Nissan Micra (new shape)

    All help would be appreciated!!


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    I've heard the council do an MOT but dont fix any problems you might have. Sounds good but ideally I want a service and MOT combined.

    Have you any small local garages near you, and have you a man friend who could go with you or ring up to book it in? I know what you mean feeling as tho you may be ripped off. Luckily we have a garage a few miles away thats really good.

    I would have them done separately. Start off with the MOT as this is the important thing. Take it to a council place to get that done.

    If repairs are needed, get specific details of what repairs and take it to a local INDEPENDENT garage. Speak to other drivers you know for recommendations. Speak to the council mechanics for their recommendations.

    Always always go to an independent garage IMO and build up a good relationship with them by going there again and again if they are good. In the long term it will be worth it.

    I have used an internet company called Service Stop for the past 2 years on both of my cars. They collect your car from anywhere, return it to anywhere (Work Home), service, Mot and free valet. They were considerable cheaper than the main dealers and vastly more convenient. You can type in your registration and you get an instant quote

    take your car for an mot & service to a local independent garage, the mot will be done to the same standards (rules & regs) as a council run one. I work for an independent garage, carrying out mot's & servicing/repairs & it bloody annoys when people bang on about taking a car to a council run one as you get a better mot !!! we all have to "sing from the same song sheet".

    if your not getting customer satisfaction as to regards the mot from either the council run one or any other garage that carries out mot's then complain, thats what the complaints procedure is in place for ! ok rant over.carry on.

    ^^ the problem is that most peoples perception of MOT garages are that the MOT is a money making scheme for further work of which you get 'trapped' in once your car is booked in.

    I freely admit that I feel this way and if being honest I imagine if they are making money out of the service may not be so critical on the MOT if there are borderline cases.

    As I said you are right in the fact that all garages should offer an equal service but customers perceptions probably do not reflect this.

    yer Kwik Fit were on watchdog last week


    I've heard the council do an MOT but dont fix any problems you might … I've heard the council do an MOT but dont fix any problems you might have. Sounds good but ideally I want a service and MOT combined.

    I'd go with the council, they are unbiased and won't even recommend a garage to use, so no impartiality

    ......but a pain in the ass if you actually need word doing on your car to pas the MOT (as you will need to find another garage to book into to get the work done & then take it back to the council place, then it could still fail as they didnt carry out the work etc).

    Best to find a local place that will do both, just go to one that is recommended in your area. Find a few via & then Google them for reviews.

    I completely agree with you, firth_face - it is not much fun and I dread the day my car needs an MOT test or breaks down. I had been using Kwik Fit but won't be any more.

    I do think there is a gap in the market for any girls out there looking for a career - if you think you could make it as a mechanic and set your sights on starting up a chain of all-female garages, I think you would have women (and men!) queuing at your doors. That Charlene in Neighbours was definitely on to something...
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