Posted 19th Feb 2023
My partner sent his car for regular servicing recently, and the garage said it's not worth repairing as the underside is corroded. They offered him £150 for scrap.

It was MOTed in October last year and it passed after a few repairs costing £600, so this is quite a shock and also comes at a time when he's still repaying some loans when he was studying to become a teacher.

It's difficult to come up with the funds for another second hand car, as we hoped he could get some cash back for selling this one.

He is a teacher in Scotland, but not sure if the discounts through the EiS union are good or not.

Any thoughts or ideas?
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  1. Gollywood's avatar
    Get a 2nd opinion on the car??
  2. Isaac_McCafferty's avatar
    Why are you asking us instead of visiting a garage
    Toon_army's avatar
    They're just asking for advice, no harm in this. Some people are clued up on car and just nice to get some opinions.
  3. Easy.Action.Baby's avatar
    I would run it until the MOT is due, then put it though the MOT and only decide then whether to fix or scrap it depending on the MOT failures.

    Bangernomics is all about the cost of another 12 months of motoring. It will cost you a lot more to buy another banger so it might be worth keeping the present one running.

    I ran a mini for 14 years and 140,000 miles before I gave up on it because of an airbag light. Traded it in for a new banger and got £500 value.
  4. PS5's avatar
    Dodgy garage.
    Take it elsewhere for a 2nd opinion and ensure you leave a fair (bad) review wherever you can if it transpired that they were lying.
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    Whoever repaired it for £600 also sounds dodgy......couple of ball joints and brakes for £600!
  5. particlepunk's avatar
    Update: the latest garage did an inspection and said that there is corrosion to the sub frame and a hole under the driver's seat. There's also some corrosion on the suspension. But they said it is safe to drive, and recommend running it until the next MOT.
  6. MonkeysUncle's avatar
    A few repairs at £600 that's half a car

    Presumably it's rust it failed on. Find a backstreet garage who do welding for cash in hand. It shouldn't be more than £70 tops (edited)
    particlepunk's avatar
    Repair immediately (major defects):
    Service brake efficiency below requirements (1.2.2 (a) (i))
    Nearside Front Position lamp not working (4.2.1 (a) (ii))
    Rear Brake disc significantly and obviously worn (1.1.14 (a) (i))
    Offside Front Anti-roll bar linkage ball joint excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i))
    Nearside Front Suspension arm ball joint excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i))
    Nearside Front Suspension arm ball joint dust cover no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (5.3.4 (b) (ii))
    Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories):
    Nearside Front Play in steering rack inner joint(s)
    Rear Service brake fluctuating, but not excessively (1.2.1 (e))
  7. Dyslexic_Dog's avatar
    There's no mention of corrosion in your description, assuming that's a word for word report from the mot report nothing there sounds to horrendous just normal wear and tear stuff. If the car passed an MOT in oct 22 I'd be extremely surprised if the corrosion could suddenly appear in the last 4 months, in which case the MOT tester should have made note of it at the last test.
    You also say that the car went for a service and they told him it wasn't worth repairing?
    Either there's some sort of misunderstanding, as the garage would just service the car as instructed or they're a bit dodgy and just trying to make some money without doing any work by just buying the car to sell on at a profit. (edited)
    particlepunk's avatar
    Yes that's a copy and paste of all failures and advisories from the last MOT.
  8. Toon_army's avatar
    If the garage is just servicing the car I've no idea why they'd but looking for rust unless it's the suffrage which can be replaced.
    I'd honestly just got to another garage that one sounds really dodgy
  9. Bufferz1's avatar
    Same garage that mot’d it?
    particlepunk's avatar
    Nope a different one.
  10. MonkeysUncle's avatar
    Any "discounts" are usually always a con.

    Go idependent local. (edited)
  11. ufop's avatar
    or that garage is trying to buy it cheap to fix a few bits and sell something on quick... all sounds very fishy
  12. Bambibambo's avatar
    If its MOT'd until October and it runs, why worry about it? Use it until October and then scrap it?
    bobdylan's avatar
    This ^

    The car is still MOT'd until October so no issue until then. If you only took it to this garage for a service, why are they trying to advise you that it needs major repairs and it needs to be scrapped? Either just tell them to service it as requested or take it elsewhere for the service you wanted.

    You don't need to worry about any new repairs until the MOT comes around again in October
  13. Biddy2's avatar
    Take it to another garage OP. I took mine for an MOT and the garage said it was corroded. Went to another one who said it had rust, but most cars do. Especially older ones.

    This was 3 years ago now. I still have the same car. It is running fine. (edited)
  14. particlepunk's avatar
    Have booked it in for an inspection on Monday at a different garage. Thanks everyone. This thread gave my partner the confidence to wait and see rather than rushing into buying a car.
  15. eset12345's avatar
    Any corrosion that has suddenly made it unsafe would have been present during the last mot, and any mot tester would have flagged it up.

    Use the car until the next mot comes due, put it through and see what's needed.

    Even if the car was next to scrap you could sell it on for more than the scrap value they're offering if it still runs and drives and has an mot
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