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    I am about to hunt for a good deal on a decent replacement for my cassette/CD player which came with my car. I was initially thinking of buying a CD MP3 player but have just seen this Sony model which plays MP3's from DVD - which means I could have over 1000 songs on one DVD.


    It also plays DVD films though I have no need for this. The downside of this is that it may be more attractive for potential thieves. Another alternative would be some sort of hard disk radio. The main reason for having an MP3 player is that I reckon if I ever have an accident it is likely to be when I am changing a CD - so having loads of tracks on one CD/hard drive/DVD would alleviate the issue... and I don't really have room for a CD changer.

    Has anyone any recommendations of a) a good MP3 car radio and b) a good place to buy one from? Thanks in advance.


    Would it be better to have one with a USB port, so you can play music directly from an Mp3 player? [which I'm presuming you have :)].

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    I don't have an MP3 player that is worth bothering about as have no real need for one. Having had a look around - and to make it more complicated - there are head units with Bluetooth connectivity too which presumably would mean hands free mobile calls and TomTom navigation (I have TomTom on my phone) via the car speakers. This could turn out expensive after I was initially looking for a normal MP3 player for about £60!
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