Car not selling

    What is the market like at present for selling cars?

    Reason I ask is because we have been trying to sell our car since easter. Granted we probably were asking to much for it to begin with, however we have always priced it fairly and is currently below the guide price by a few hundred; for example the same car was going for £400 more on the same site. We have compared the prices to parkers, whatcar etc and it is all on par with what they think its worth and ours has done about 15,000 miles less than the guide price.

    We have advertised in the auto trader 2-3 times and oddly each time we have done so, on the 1st day we always get someone from London interested in it then we have no more phone calls during the rest of the advertising period

    We have also tried selling it on sites such as gumtree and other local sites but not even a phone call offering to come and take a look at it or even will you take 2-300 less.

    I'm sure people are still buying cars but is the market really that bad!? Anybody else having the same experience as I don't know what to do now!


    Are you looking to just sell it and not buy another one, or are you getting a new car once this one's sold? Might be worth taking it to a dealer and asking what they'd give you for it, although if the market's slow there may not be many dealers wishing to buy...

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    Just looking to sell it, don't really need two cars.

    Could be worth speaking to garages but in my epxerience they have always been around £1000-£1500 under the market value.

    Not a 1.6 diesel focus is it? That's what I'm looking fot

    What car is it and what age/mileage? Have you tried Pistonheads? It's a pretty general question you're asking as obviously the car, its location and many other factors are going to affect how easy ti is to sell.


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    Its a VW Polo 1.2 Petrol.

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    Its a VW Polo 1.2 Petrol.

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    Its a VW Polo 1.2 Petrol. Less than 18k miles

    Tried pistonheads, but again nothing. NOTHING! Not even a email to drop the price!

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    Hmm the edit works well here


    How much? Wat reg? And where ru?

    could u possibly post details of how your add looks like and what info u have included

    that way users can try see where its going wrong


    Can't see why a 1.2 Polo won't sell you're obviously advertising it wrong, have you tried advertising on here? Have to remove all your other ad's first though oh and wait 7 days.

    an 08 vw polo was going for £5000 at arnold clark really nice car i dont know much about them but seemingly the sales guy says there is a new design coming out and the others have dropped in price

    Being a petrol isn't going to help, perhaps you are asking too much for it, yes there maybe comparable ones for sale but perhaps none of them are selling either.

    Parkers and Glass's guide are a bit of a waste of time as your car is only worth what someone is willing to pay.

    Second hand car market is dead really.
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    What reg is it?

    To be honest I wouldn't pay more then say £400 for a car with a 1.2 engine (obviously unless it is a very recent reg) as my 2.0 car only cost £1000 and my wifes 1.4 only £500 and they were both from dealers not individuals and in very good condition.
    I know you can't judge a car's value only on it's engine size but for me that's always struck me as a big factor when pricing a car/
    So I guess it depends on what people want as a 1.2 might be ideal for a first time driver but they are exactly the sort of people who can't afford a lot so will be looking at the cheaper end of the market.

    I did manage to sell my old car on ebay for more then I paid for it so might be worth looking into if you get desperate, as long as you just take a small deposit through paypal and the rest in cash then you don't pay too much fees to paypal.

    wack it up on Ebay!


    Its a VW Polo 1.2 Petrol. Less than 18k milesTried pistonheads, but again … Its a VW Polo 1.2 Petrol. Less than 18k milesTried pistonheads, but again nothing. NOTHING! Not even a email to drop the price!

    I'm surprised that's not shifting as hatchbacks are generally easier to move on and with rising petrol prices, people can be quite happy with a small petrol engine. I'd guess there was something in the advert that was putting people off but having not seen it I can't really say.


    Put it in a car auction without a reserve, it will sell for absolute certain.

    However it would appear that you value your car at more than anyone is willing to pay, hence it will never sell.

    A car ( or anything ) is only worth what somebody will pay.

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    Thanks for the posts.

    Ok its a 1.2 Polo 64,

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    Grrrrrrr. Why is the majority of my reply missing from my post!

    1.2 64 Polo,

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    1.2 64 Petrol, less than 18,000 miles. Blue. In leicester

    1.2 Polo should shift - surprised at that although "young" drivers get wakced with insurance on them; not sure why but they do.

    sorry missed out 2nd page
    What you asking for it?
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    also is it a 54 plate?

    why dont you put all the details in one post instead?

    You must be advertising it wrong.

    Just in this thread it is taking over 25 replies and we still dont know enough details, how can you possibly sell somthing in one advertisment.

    What is 1.2 64, you wrote that twice, do you mean 54?, how mush are you asking for it?

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    64 is the particular model. I tried posting the info but they kept messing up. Might be the less than symbol I was using..

    Lets try this:

    07 5 Door Hatchback, less than 18,000 miles. Olympic Blue, Petrol, Manual, Passenger airbag, Immobiliser, Front head restraints, Fog Lights, Body coloured bumpers, Electric front windows, Electric door mirrors, PAS, Air Con, MP3 CD Player. Just had a service, 9 months MOT, 5 months tax

    Wanted £5900 for it, similiar models are going for more on the car sites.

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    No wonder it's not selling, there is still no details on age is there?

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    Sorry, just amended!

    Well for starters on auto trader there is an 58 plate for £5500 with 16k on the clock. And an 07 for £4750.

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    I made a mistake witht he £5900, it was meant to be £5600

    What model is that though? Is it an E or an S as the S range has more features

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    This is the one but in silver…spx
    Granted its trade

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    The closest one in there is a Match 1.2 70 but everywhere else has prices more than mine.

    I dunno, prob could be a little less but less than 5k is too low. May have to re-evaluate. Thanks for your inputs.


    Just a gentle reminder that this is Misc, not the trading forums. I don't want to see any offers or invitation to an offer being made, otherwise the thread will be removed.

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    Yeah no problems. I understand the trade and 7 day thing
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