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Found 7th Mar 2008
I'm doing a Ryanair flight from Bournemouth in May and all the airport car parking web-sites I usually use don't have Bournemouth on their drop-downs. The only place I can find anything is via the airport site itself, which is quite expensive. Anybody know of any other (web) sites I could use?
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get a taxi? probably work out cheaper, airport parking is a con.
i used travelsupermarket to search mine- this was for bristol though,

i used travelsupermarket to search mine- this was for bristol though,

Yep, that's one of the ones I normally check - no Bournemouth though!
I am too looking for a deal on Bournemouth airport parking apart from the overpriced official option... the only thing that I have been able to find is on gumtree where people who live near the airport are offering parking spaces on there driveways for £35 a week, but with no airport transfer. I would be interested also if anyone knows anywhere good to park near the airport as I have never used it before.
Yes! I'm a convert! I've found a spot to park for fifteen pounds a week in a driveway in Ringwood and the owner gives me a lift to Bournemouth Airport. Couldn't be better!
OK, someone asked for more details about the parking in driveways scheme. Well, the one in Ringwood offers a lift to the airport and only asks £15.00 for a week's parking in her drive. I found the details on the website of park at my house (dot com) searching under Ringwood, as Bournemouth Airport is only ten minutes away. The funny thing is that there aren't any hotels near Bournemouth Airport, so there's no chance of leaving your car there, so this driveway scheme is really good!
Bournemouth airport parking is horribly expensive. I offer parking on private land from £30 per week, including transfers to and from the Terminal 'shed', versus the Airports £52. Phone 07505 301247 for more details. Ian
looking for parking for bournemouth airport 20th may for 2 weeks any offers ??
you tried here ? Park at my house. similar sites available as well.
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