Car Parking in NYC?

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Hi guys, I am due to visit New York in the near future and have a hire car for the duration of my trip to the USA, for 5 of those days I am visiting NYC itself.

I was wondering if anyone has any idea or tips on where to park (and leave) my car for those days. I am pretty certain I shall walk everywhere for the time im there so dont really need it to be multi-entry sort of thing. Just park it on the Monday and take it on the Friday.

Thanks so much!
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will have to pay for that no free parking for that duration in nyc
If its Manhattan your after parking I hope you have deep pockets. Its possibily the most expensive place to park in the world. When I was there in 2014 I saw car parks advertising $18 per half hour plus tax plus tip! I have driven all over the world and I would not fancy driving there either. You might be better off asking on trip adviser forums. It may be cheeper for you to return the hire car for the 5 day period.
Have a look at, there is loads of parking, its mostly private and expensive. I'd be inclined to ditch the hire car back to the hire car co. and rent another when you need it. Driving in NYC makes London seem like a racetrack!
Surely in NY it's best just to use taxis?.
Why not time your visit to NYC to the start or end of your trip and not worry about the hire car at all? If not, you'll be paying through the nose to park a car that you are paying a daily rate on! If you are set on doing that, I would suggest looking at one of the JFK or Newark parking places and getting a rail / bus shuttle in from there.
Park you car at the car rental location.
i.e. don't rent one whilst you're in Apple City.
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