Car parts - Window seal/trim for Fiesta ST?!

Found 30th Apr 2011
I'm looking for the rubber/plastic part that goes on the vertical edge of a Fiesta ST drivers side door and cannot find it for love nor money! I'm searching for Fiesta ST window seal and window trim but it's not coming up with much (apart from full sets at almost £200 or grotesque chrome ones). Does anyone buy a lot of spares or anything and know a good place to try?!
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Have you tried somewhere like

go to a ford dealers and get the exact part number for what you want,you can then search from there...also will give you a rough price guide
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Believe it or not sometimes it's actually cheaper to buy the parts from Ford, As boothy suggests though, However in past experience they've been reluctant to give out part number details.
:(I spoke to Ford - they want £30 for it. For ONE piece of moulded rubber less than a metre long! There's no fixings or anything, it just glues on!!! Like Shauneco said, the guy wasn't happy about giving the part number, but doing a search on that brings up very little as most parts sites seem to search on actual item rather than item number and I the nearest I can find is a "door seal" which wouldn't be the right thing! Maybe I'll have to go with Ford
by a new one from ford you tight ****

by a new one from ford you tight ****

Ummm... aren't you the one that buys mouldy food from the reduced section at Tesco? My my, aren't you one to talk!
Search fleabay for "fiesta st breaking" they don't list every part....just contact the sellers and ask if they have the trim and do an off ebay deal....some sellers will list the part for you to buy with ebay protection if you would rather do it that way
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Tbh I'd go with a brand new Ford part too, second hand maybe not as good as new and out of shape having been fiitted and removed from another car, any none original parts may also be substandard. For £30 it's just not worth the hassle IMO.
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New: 01246 855385 (parts number for gk ford, prob same price as you have but worth a shot - direct line to parts dept as well I believe)

PS: I'm in agreement - pay for the OEM ford part.
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