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    Ok I am a bit confused. If the deals have a 30£ range for different networks why would you notjust buy the phone on the cheapest network and use your own sim from the more expensive network if you haveone already. Even with a £10 top up you would still be ahead £20 if you were with the most expensive network and bought the phone from the cheapest network.

    Am I missing something? Would really like to know if my thinking is correct. I have an o2 sim with a web bolt on.

    Thanks for any replies



    Thats what I just did yesterday for my dad. Walked into a store and he got the nokia he wanted on virgin for £9.95 plus a tenner for the virgin sim and credit which I will sell. I also got £2.70 lol for an old nokia 1100 which was sat in a drawer.

    I popped his O2 sim and since it's a sim free model it works with any. I even asked the lady if they are all unlocked sim free models still and she said yes.

    So just get the cheapest you can on any network and pop your sim in:thumbsup:

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    thanks for the quick reply : ' )

    Cheers for that!!

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