Car Polisher DAS-6 PRO Dual Action Polisher?

Found 28th Apr 2015
Looking at this polisher, can you recommend best place to buy? Has anyone used one or can you recommend anything different.
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I got one from about 5 years ago.

Only used it a dozen or so times but still going strong but prices have increased a lot as I paid £130 for the Sonus kit which is now £180.

Does an alright job for me though I've never tried anything else. Only real negs for me are that it can get quite heavy using it all day and your arms will feel like you have Parkinsons for a few hours after too.
Great bit of kit. I have a full rotary but love using the Das Pro. I went for the small 250ml bottles...Menzerna to get me going.

Well worth checking out a few videos on YouTube from Junkman. He goes through alot of info to help you.
The das 6 pro is a great polisher.

I recommend the meguiars microfibre pads for correction work.

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