Car pressure washer

    anyone know any going for a decent price?


    Firstly when i got mine i was told to go for an induction motor not a universal one. Having spent several weeks deciding i found several good options, some with universal and some with induction. I finally went for one from B&Q called the McCalister range. It was £80 and came with the best and most powerful induction motor for the price. Also the thing that sold me totally was it had a 3 year warranty. Compared to a Karcher this was 10x more value for money for me.

    Other than spending around the 80-100 quid there are others to consider such as the Tesco? one that sold for roughly £30 here a while ago... or theres another one that i very nearly went for from This one is made by SilverLine, has a good powerful induction motor and is £52 ]Click Me That one was recommended by a m8. I did like the look of the Bosch ones also, they are a good make with 2 year warranty... but they dont do a sub £140 induction version.

    Hope this helps... personally though if you are looking to spend the £100 mark id skip the Karchers and go for the B&Q own brand one. They are based in Eastleigh not Germany and give a 2year more warranty, oh and its bloody poweful aswell. PS Karchers breakdown just as much as any other washer;-)

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    Thanks for that mate, wasnt too sure on the Karcher ones. Might check out the B&Q one.

    Tell me, do you put your car cleanin solution in the machine? Does it come with cleaning brush etc?

    The B&Q one has its own little compartment for the detergeant... which is also a bonus- no having to have it sat by the side in a container just pour it into the washer itself and use the lance to select it. The one i got comes with 2 power lances, one high/low pressure for normal cleaning/detergeant and one turbo lance - which is bloody powerful and shoots the water out in a spiral motion. It also came with its own patio cleaning attachment but to be honest that looked a bit naff so i put it away in the loft with the box coz i would never use it.

    The only thing lacking was the brush... but B&Q did have them available as an extra for around a tenner if you really need one.

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    Cheers mate, thats been a great help, will defo check it out. :thumbsup:
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