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Found 8th Aug
Ford Mondeo tdci automatic powershift gearbox engine malfunction came up on dashboard followed by engine light had in garage to check showed air flow sensor had it changed fine for a week the engine malfunction+ engine light back on at drive's the same no loss of power any clues
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Manners problem as well.
Manners problem as well.
DPF issue recharge cycle interruption?

Try cataclean for Diesel engines/DPF
Sorry and thank you
Already put a bottle of cataclean in on Monday of this week
lawrence.simpson6 h, 10 m ago

Already put a bottle of cataclean in on Monday of this week

Have you been for a drive down the motorway for 30 mins to get up to heat and clean itself ?
When was the last time the car was serviced? Blocked air filter can give airflow issues. Did the garage learn the new air flow meter to the car?
Car was serviced 4 weeks spent £160 on new oil filters in gearbox then lights came on the dashboard but the dog light has not come did 100 miles on motorway the day at 70 miles per hour lights came on but the car drive's just the same no loss of power
All so for got to mention had a new battery put on a couple of weeks ago engine light never came on before but engine malfunction has come on a few times but turn engine off leave for 10mins start up not on for a few weeks
Battery won't affect it. Take it to a decent garage with a proper diagnostic who will go a bit further into it by looking at live data etc rather than just a generic code reader and firing the parts canon at it, will be cheaper in the long run
Check transmission fluid level - with engine running. I had similar issue on my Kia. Didn't realise it had to be running when checked so level was low. Topped it up and all is fine now. Something to do with the load sensor a friend (mechanic) has told me. Not a faulty load sensor, just it sending the wrong informative because of low TF.
Trouble with the Ford Mondeo is there is no dipstick to check transmission fluid level only had the transmission fluid changed 2 weeks ago
Check the balance pipe between the exhausts, its made of rubber and corrodes. Air can get in making it look like a sensor fault.
When the garage put the new sensor in they will have reset the fault. The fault has to occur 3 times before it puts the warning light on, this may be why the fault initially disappeared then returned later.
So what to do now do you just reset the engine light
you can get a code reader for about £10 to £15 from Amazon, gives generic codes but can be useful, also allows you to clear them as well. If you clear it and it comes back on you will know you might have a problem. The cleaners you mentioned need to use a full tank they dont just always work, catclean could be different though.

Not sure which garage you took it to but they may have been using generic code readers, might not always give the exact reason.
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lawrence.simpson18 h, 59 m ago

Already put a bottle of cataclean in on Monday of this week

Try the air filter. It’s worth checking in case it’s not fitted properly or something:
As above, take it to a decent diagnostics garage. Everyone here can take a guess but none will know for sure. Years ago I’d have said just run it, but now it will fail the mot with the engine management light on, so either fix it or get shot of it
Than you all for your comments and help car all sorted now garage sorted it out engine malfunction and engine light didn't give much out but looked deeper into it turned out to be air filter got damaged when putting a new air flow sensor in and the filter was showing a hot spot
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