Car Problem-Advice Needed

    Ok...Drove 10 miles to play football.
    Played for an hour. Came out, started car and started to drive home.
    Got about 1 mile from home and all lights etc went out!!
    Car was still running. Got home without any lights.
    Turned ignition off and car kept running!!
    Took keys out...kept running.
    Stalled car to stop it...Now its dead. Not turning over
    Do you think battery has gone or could it be more serious.
    Thanks anyone who may be able to help!


    dont know anything about cars but that sounds strange to me. hope you get it sorted.

    Original Poster

    mmmm me neither lol!
    hoping its just a fuse or something but have no idea!

    sounds like the alternator has packed up, you were running on battery power & using the lights used it all up & since the alternator isnt working, its not able to keep the battery charged up.

    Original Poster

    thanks richp...that could be the problem...
    will charge battery up and get it to a garage to get battery and alternator checked..

    Have you checked the fanbelt is intact/tight?
    No warning lights on the dash?

    To me it sounds like a bad earth somewhere in your car..

    Check for all the obvious engine earths etc, make sure they are all have good contacts. If your not good with cars then i suggest you take it to a garage and let them have a look at it. Try bump starting it instead of jump starting it. Obv make sure your battery is charged too

    Original Poster

    You were correct!
    Bad earth somewhere which basically told the car to go into shutdown !
    Obviously I could not fix it but got it sorted
    Thanks Everyone for your help
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