Car problem: Anti Pollution fault

Posted 27th Dec 2011
2003 Peugeot 307 SW 2.0 HDi SE 110 BHP Estate

Anyone know whats going on with my car? I bought it from mate in Birmingham last weekend. On the way home it came up with the engine management light and said Antipollution Fault. It wont go past 2500 rpm (max 80mph on the motorway).

It was his wifes car and said she never drove it outside of their local area (used for the school runs, etc.). He is a friend so I trust him - he is willing to refund me, no problem.

Some people say the catalytic convertor needs cleaning, whilst others say its the partical filter. Most seem to think its a cheap/simple job but garages will usually try it on and make unnecessary changes.

I am wondering if it is actually what they say or something more. Also, what am I looking to pay from a local garage?
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