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after a bit of advice.. ive got some wearage just on the front left tire - a friend suggested i should get my tracking checked.
was wondering if its best to get that done at a specialist? or if any garage can do it? also.. any ideas what the cost would be? i have no idea on these things and am always worried i'll get swindled..


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Specialist ?

Anywhere that has a tracking alignment/adjustment facility.

Where about on the tyre is the wear? :thinking:

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its just on the inside of the tire, car tends to pull that way ever so slightly as well


its just on the inside of the tire, car tends to pull that way ever so … its just on the inside of the tire, car tends to pull that way ever so slightly as well

I take it that the tyyre is at the correct pressure?

almost anywhere will do it. go local though over the chains is my advice. should be around £30

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when i noticed the balding - i checked and it was a tiny bit low - not massively though. would that cause the tyre to wear that much?

Should be £20 + VAT at the most garages I would think which is £26
Most garages will do it, just watch in case a Kwik Fit style garage tries to hit you for brakes pads and discs and other steering stuff.
Ideal situation it would be easily sorted with a quick adjustment.

if its just the front two your after, most garages will be able to sort the tracking out for you at the price of the above post but if you want it done 100% correctly you should take it to somewhere like Kwikfit or the makes dealership and get a full "four wheel alignment" done which will reset it all to factory settings.

The price for either should really just be labor only. I used to work at Honda and we charged 1 hour labor time which was about £75-80 which is honestly how long it takes.

Alot of money I know but you will notice how light the car drives after but depends on how bad things are. Most decent places should be able to take a look and decide where the problem layes.

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ok, thanks for the info. I'll have a word with my local guy first, see if he can do it. Dont fancy Kwik Fit with their history of finding other problems.

Its only a NSF tyre wearing so I wouldn't bother with a dealer for that IMO, or a Kwik Fit.
Find a good local garage, even try ]http//ww….uk, for your area, explain your concerns that you dont want to be ripped off and take it from there.

Word of warning. If you have a so called high performance car, alfa, bmw, audi etc then the tracking has to be done under load conditions (unlike what kwikfit did to my alfa, and made the problem worse) as the car needs to be weighed down before doing it, to replicate driving conditions. Just because all your tires are tracked correctlyy at 0 mph doesn't mean they will be at speed.

toiwn tyres do tracking for free when you buy tyres - alignment on the other hand is about £40 and can only be done by specialists

Don't, whatever you do, take it to a Kwik Fit - get a recommendation from a friend.

What car is it?

Wear on the middle of the tread only suggests tyres overinflated. If only on one edge, probably tracking. If on both outer edges, tyres underinflated.
Ensure the suspension joints etc. are checked for wear as this will affect correct wheel alignment.
The car will normally pull to the left slightly while driving due to the camber of the road. This is normal.

Decent alignment should be in the region of £30-50 depending on where you live. Dealers will charge on a per hour basis & would probably be cheaper to amputate your arms & legs yourself :p.

Get 4 wheel laser alignment done & ask for a copy of the printout.
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