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hi all clever people,
i am generally very good at negotiating and want to know about car purchasing here as never done it before.
i am possibly buying a year old with 4000 mileage, Hyundai Tucson Petrol listed at £17,999 from hyundai dealer using personal loan as car finance seems to be expensive 9.9% against 4% personal. same spec brand new is around £23k. i want to know what sort of discount i can expect?
i was thinking of brand new but there is 2-3 months wait for a petrol so tying a year old.
please advice

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Haggling for discounts seems to be getting harder these days, especially if the car is already competitively priced. You might have more chance if you take their finance, but then again, I'd go for a personal loan vs car finance to save the interest charge.

There is nothing stopping you taking out their finance to get a good deal, then going to the bank and getting a better loan and paying off the dealer finance two days later.

I don't think they are legally allowed to offer you a better deal taking their finance these days, however, you would get a better deal to make them believe this is the route you are taking until the price is agreed, then use whatever method of payment suits you best.

I think rprp's suggestion is valid. Assuming you have the ability to repay in advance then take out the finance get the contribution and then repay in line with contractual terms. when I looked at it I had to make 2 months of payments before being able to cancel. that said I went for a lease in the end...

We were in the same position and all one year old vehicles were ex car hire/lease vehicles. We ended up buying new using the Hyundai affinity scheme as it wasn't that much more than a one year old car. If you Google it, the scheme is open if you or family work for a long list of companies. It might be worth asking at your local dealership what discount they can give you under the scheme.

Wait until near Month or Quarter end - you'll be in a much stronger position to negotiate if they have targets to hit and not a lot of time to do it in!

Have you looked at CarWow?

Just don't commit - remember: you hold the power in the situation. Be sure to tell the dealer that you have other cars at other dealerships to look at. Ask what they can throw in to sweeten the deal - even a free tank of petrol is a welcome sweetener!

I have walked away from a few dealers recently as they expected us to pay the screen price. Since then have spoken on web chat and email with dealers across the country and if I hear again we are competively priced...well you know what. I asked two of the two of the dealer why they expect you to pay the screen price and was told the same thing, with the internet and relatively cheap delivery of cars you can buy from anywhere so they have to be competitive. Found it actually cheaper to buy via car wow or drive the deal new than on a 18 month old one depending on the new offers. Paying screen price though doesn't sit right with me.

i recently bought a used car from Audi and did NOT take their finance deal as i got better finance on the high street... you are not in any more position of disadvantage just because you are not taking out their finance when it comes to haggling a good deal.. i made it clear from the outset i was not liking at their finance.. i pushed for another £1000 off Tyne forecourt price and asked for another £500 more on the car i was trading in... i got the old "well i will have to go and see my manager" he came bsck and said they could reduce the forecourt price but could not give me anymore for my car... course they were going to say that... to which i said "I'm grateful for the reduction but i freshly need more for mine" he said we can't.. i said yoy really want to loose a sale for the sake of £500.. cos i will walk.. came back two minutes later ok we can do that... winner £1500 saved.. now the deal is in the bag i said but i would also expect 12 months tax and a full tank of fuel.. its the sales reps to give.. so saved another £130 tax and £60 fuel... IF YOU DON'T ASK YOY WON'T GET.. there is always money in the forecourt price..

i am not the best negotiator as i get embarrassed too easily, but i tend to ask nicely if they could offer any sort of discount or is there any room for price negotiation. they may then state a discount figure, then i lower it and see if that is acceptable.

some people will not negotiate at all, but for cars, i think you will be able to get a discount ok.

Look on car sites and see what other same make/model are selling for. If cheaper then haggle, telling them you can get cheaper elsewhere and if they will match the price. Also if you think you are paying to much, be prepared to walk out and buy something/somewhere. Its worth offering 17k and haggle from there. If they wont come down and you really want that car, then buy it, you wont want to regret it later. .

i recently purchased a astra 2 years old. They would not budge on lowering the price of the car. They offered my a ridiculous amount for my part x. I said I was going to buy this car today but the part x was too low. I went to walk out and the then upped the part x by another £500 also got them to throw in a full tank.

Find the best price you can for the model of car and use this as a target price at the dealer and then them to beat these prices!

These are likely to be ex-hire cars but all within 18 months old and all within original warranty. Motorpoint won't negotiate on price - but their screen prices are generally the cheapest you can find.. Nothing wrong with buying an ex-hire car previously owned by one of the majors as it'll have been checked prior to and after ever rental.

I'd always walk away first few times - leave your details and wait to see if they call. Start the negotiations now at the beginning of the month and be ready to commit towards the end. I've always paid cash to the dealer and sorted my own finance out if needed - and avoided any trade-ins.

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thanks all for the advice. i just bought a car today with hyundai dealer and need to sign finance papers on Tuesday, new car swap with old on Thursday. 
Now problem is I bought a home and will get keys tomorrow. i didnt realise till yet that i only mentioned my current address to dealer not the new one effective from tomorrow.
is that an issue as i think v5 of new car will go on old address? is there any workaround of it?
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