Car radio problem!

    Evenin' all.

    Today I got a Vauxhall Corsa, and previously I had a tape player with an adapter to play my iPod through it. However, now it is a CD player with no aux input.
    My friend spoke of a gadget that plugs into the 12v/cigarette lighter and generates a radio wave that can be picked up by the car stereo to play songs from my iPod on.
    Does anyone know of a similar gadget, or knows what I'm on about?


    Something like this you need

    It's called a FM Transmitter, Bellin make them, you can get really bad ones off eBay. Not all plug in, but they can run out of batt quick so best to get one that you can. I would pay for quality one as you don't want lots of interferance!

    BELKIN roadtrip is what i have

    I have a belkin road trip works ok

    can let you have it for £5 if you want

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your input guys


    I have a belkin road trip works okcan let you have it for £5 if you want

    Hmm got any pictures?
    And works ok - does that it mean sometimes it doesn't? Haha sorry, I'm really OCD about this sort of thing.

    sorry just read your reply if still intested will take photos and post them
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