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Posted 1st Jan
I am looking for a bit of help. I am looking to replace my standard car radio. I have found a replacement but it is 8mm bigger length and hight wise than the one in my car at the moment. Is it as easy as buying a new facing for around the radio or will it be a problem?

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What car is it? If it has a standard car radio, another should fit into the void as it’s a fairly standard size (either single or double DIN).
Look on YouTube / google for fitting instructions so you can gauge it and see what you need (facia / connector block)
If fitting a double din, Some cars, ie Vauxhall’s Astra or corsa, require a facia kit. This will include a new cage that replaces the 1 supplied with the radio.
You’ll then need a harness adapter.
Have a look on
They have a vehicle look up, and will show you everything you need to fit your radio.
Make a note of the part numbers and order from amazon or eBay, failing that Halfords are an authorised reseller of connects2 products, but can be more expensive.
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Too many variables, need to know,. Make, model and year of car plus the particular radio you're interested in installing.

Most aftermarket single or double din. Some cars will have fascias and adapters available but some will only allow you to fit a single din etc.
Sorry forgot to say it is a Kia Rio 2010.
.MUFC.01/01/2020 16:24

Is it like this?[Image] Then you'd need something like this: Connects2 …Is it like this?[Image] Then you'd need something like this: Connects2 CTKKI24 KIA Rio 2011 Non Amplified Black Double DIN Radio Fitting KitOr is it like this?[Image] If it's like the second image then you'd likely need one of these : CTKKI07 Non Amp Double Din Car CD Stereo Fascia Fitting Kit For KIA Rio 2008>

It’s the second one. Thank you. I got so confused as I just bought the car for a little run around as it was cheap
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