car radio with memory stick slot

Found 17th May 2006
hi guys,

wanted is cheap car stereo with a SD memory stick slot, USB stick slot considered.

Cheap as possible really, any you have personally got is always great

I have karma waiting

P.s this is for my spacecraft
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or: an SD one here for £99.99, not sure on delivery though.


Good luck in space...http://bestsmileys.com/sparkle/1.gif
thanks for links, ill have a quick look through see if anything will with stand the trip
Kommunist: It has now been reduced!


[size=6]Total:£42.77 delivered[/size]
Website shows £49.20 delivered? Is your price VAT inclusive?
Oops. Yep, didn't notice the VAT was missing. I hate these sites that don't put it on as standard!!! You're right Kommunist, sorry! :oops: But it still has been reduced.

[size=6]Update: £49.20 delivered[/size]
guys & girls great price!!! just what i was after....

go to register and person who lived here before must have an account still registered to this address so i cant register

ill have to call them tomorrow and see if they remove it from this address, if not any alternative places at roughly same price.

How annoying you guys did a great job finding that!
ok i got my account sorted and ordered was up to £55 today though

karma left though
Im not a non-branded person but at that price and features Im very interested. The SD-card and usb thing is a great idea and I havent seen them features in any other car stereos to date. Im an Alpine fan myself and have always had them but as Im without a good stereo these days I might just get this if the funds allow me to ...
Id like to know why only the unknown companies are only making usb / sd-lot ones ... anyone got any ideas ?? Id jump at an Alpine/pioneer/Kenwood one if there was any !
the good makes have started making USB ones mate and a few with SD cards as well, but like you say they pride themself on sound and this is just a feature i wanted in the stereo I.e cheap. The big makes are quite exspensive really £200 - £300

Ive done the exspensive sound system in a car, ive learnt you can only ever turn it up so far and if you invest in some focal Speakers then it will sound just as good
here ya go mate....looks like just JVC only, but still they are a good make

Is Blaupunkt "famous" enough for you?
Nashville DAB35
No USB though. But SD/MMC slot is in there and it can also record DAB broadcasts on cards.

Is Blaupunkt "famous" enough for you?Nashville DAB35No USB though. But … Is Blaupunkt "famous" enough for you?Nashville DAB35No USB though. But SD/MMC slot is in there and it can also record DAB broadcasts on cards.

wow, what a price!!! im tempted to buy that, i love DAB radio so crisp and clean and pick up stations from around the country

wow, what a price!!!

Really? I didn't do any price researcg, just picked first company from my list
yes that is honestly a good price £189.99 with a DAB aerial is good Aerials can range from £30 - £50 even more for powerfull stealth ones.

Blaupunkt is a really good make as well so £159.99 for a radio with DAB & SD card features is even better.It even has a security mini key with that model! I couldnt even find a DAB radio with SD card features before hence i didnt request it. If you think you can find cheaper feel free

might flog this other one at work
OK, I believe you that this price is good
Do you know you can use iPod with Blaupunkt radios? Connect it with iPod adaptor) and voila!
They also sell stalk adaptors so you can control Blaupunkt from existing controls on steering wheel.

(I think I need to ask Blaupunkt to pay me some commission!)
Matchstick what are focul speakers ?
Just so Im clear these cheap head units read usb/sd ?
Like Pilot Light Ive always gone for the "expensive " curently got an Alpine CD/MP3 HU cost over £300..........maybe its time to change and try one of these with some good speakers ,which would you recommend ?
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