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Found 10th Oct 2017
Hi all,

I'm in a process of buying a used car and just for my peace of mind I was thinking of getting a rear view/reversing camera.

As I don't want to spend a small fortune, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this?

On the budget and something I can install myself?

I know it's a long-shot, but still thought it's worth asking.

Thank you,

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Probably depends on the car you are getting, eg does it already have a colour LCD screen capable of showing the camera view or do you need a separate screen? I looked at this for my current car and while the camera itself was affordable the cost of the dealer installing it was as much as the camera. The main reason is that they need to run the cables from the screen in the dash all the way into the boot, removing loads of interior panels in the process. Not usually something easy to do yourself. For my Mazda, dealer fitting would have bought the cost to around £500.
I view it as a nice to have if it's installed as standard but not worth the expense if you already have parking sensors.
What car is it?

I had a Honda Civic with reversing camera, and miss not having it in my new car.
My sister in law has just bought a Toyota Aygo which comes with a reversing camera, and she loves it.
I own an Isuzu twin cab pick up with a tow bar as I do lots of towing. As my radio does not have a screen I purchased a screen with suction cup similar to a satnav and camera that comes part of a number plate surround all in for just over £30. It has been faultless. As for installing it it took me about 3 hours, simply taking the live feed from the reverse light bulb holder, and grounding it to the body of the car. You will require some wire, terminal blocks or crimp, and some electrical tape. I would rate it as a 1 spanner job out of 5, so why not fit it yourself, and if you're not sure about taking any of your car apart 90% of the time it's answered on Google or you tube. Good luck.
Thank you all!

I want a car for a year and have set up a budget of 1.500, perhaps 2.000. Which is why I don't want to spend a fortune, but was curious about possible options.

It's in my nature to explore things in advance.

Hubcms, I saw those cameras. How do you connect it to the screen? Did you have to wire it or does it have bluetooth?

Thank you,

Sadly no Bluetooth! Just link it via cable, quite self explanatory when it all arrives.
Thank you! I'll have a look at the links :).

This helped a lot!
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