car registration

    I am buying a car from private seller
    he owns the car but saying that he didn't registered it in his name for almost a year
    can i buy that car what's the risk?
    many thanks


    Might be stolen, done a hpi check?…tml
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    It's not his car?
    what's to stop me from selling my neighbors car?

    I wouldn't even consider buying it if it's not registered to him. Have you even seen the log book. What details are on it ie address etc.


    He's probably a trader masquerading as a private seller.

    I've sold dozens of cars that are not registered to me that I bought at auction.

    Get the name of the registered keeper on the log book and phone them and enquire why and how the sold it.

    Or there's something wrong with the car.

    Original Poster

    thanks guys

    Dealer pretending to be a private seller is a bit dodgy too. Don't have as much comeback against that compared to a dealer.

    Personally I would be suspicous but if everything checks out like VINs and the log book and previous owner etc. etc. then might be fine. I would just check everything first to have peice of mind.

    if he has had it a year and not registered it how has he taxed and insured the car or is it off sorn sounds dodgy either way

    If he's the owner and hasn't registered it for a year he's breaking the law for a start...personally I would avoid like the plague!
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