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    Hello everyone,

    Just wondered if anybody knows a good and fairly cheapish place for a 23 yr old to rent out a car. ive tried enterprise and easycar and for 4 days rental from the 30/05/08 to the 02/06/08 and prices are coming out at around £140. If anybody could help info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Everyone


    Try 1car1 Paul

    Usually find them to be the cheapest...

    Have you tried Arnold Clark? £99 for 5 days is usually on offer

    national has always been good for me

    Original Poster


    Try 1car1 PaulUsually find them to be the cheapest...


    Have you tried arnold clark? £99 for 5 days is usually on offer


    national has always been good for me

    Unfortunately the 1car1 doesnt do under 25's... ahwell, Arnold clark looks good, national has one quite close to me and is fairly cheap... thankyou very much all

    There was a holidayautos deal here a few days ago (or possibly on MSE) - don't forget they hire cars here too.

    hertz ?

    Quidco do some good cashback on hire cars, when you consider that it may make it more reasonable?

    We always find Holiday autos (like musicals) or auto europe good.

    Not sure what age they start at though,

    try [url][/url]
    cheap rental, and they do under 25s.
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