Car rental from Geneva airport

    Hi, does anyone know where can I find the cheapest car rental from Geneva airport please. We will be staying there for a week in June and there'll be five of us.
    Appreciate your feedback. Thanks.



    Appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

    Hmmm! Not quite the right idea!

    Ask the mods to move from feedback to Misc. Someone may be able to help. I go to Geneva every year, but get picked up from the airport by friends so don't know. Might be an idea to look at the easyjet site though.


    Should actually be in deal requests

    Moved now

    Need age of driver, actual dates and car type required but I did a rought quote and got this:…ENG

    4 door car (Clio size) £178pw at Easy Car but there is 10% cashback via Quidco, so about £160 net. Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world to rent cars unfortunately.

    Geneva Airport has two sides. The French and the Swiss side. To hire a care on the French side is much cheaper than the Swiss. Hope this helps.

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    Will there be any difficulty if we were to hire from the French side? Never thought that it 'll be so expensive to hire a car in Switzerland!

    There shouldn't be any problems. A few of my work colleagues used to do this when we worked in Geneva Feb 2008.
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