Car Rental in Spain

Found 29th Apr 2006
I'll have to rent a car in Spain from 28th August untill 14th September.

Pickup from Seville Airport, drop-off in Barcelona (airport).

I'm looking for the smallest category car.

I'm 22, BTW.

Cheapest I could find is around £260, which I think could be easilt beaten.

Thanks in advance.
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They are indeed quite cheap, but unfortunately it's not possible to drop the car in Barcelon if it was rented in Seville, argh...
Have you tried contacting Carjet by email? Even though the online system doesn’t provide a return between Barcelon and Seville they might be able to do it.
I emailed them. They are quite happy with the Seville-Barcelona stuff, but unfortunately the minimal age is 23 (and I'm 22 only).

Any other ideas?
Sorry I can’t help with minimum age, unless you know where to find a fake passport and driving licence!
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