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Found 6th Aug 2017
its not a good start of a weekend for me. I crashed into a car while reversing in a car park. While she was coming from the ahead only way from the other side. I could't see her and scratched her drivers side door and a little dent as well. Exchanged our insurance details. My first year of driving so would rather want to save my claim bonus as well and for her too I advised to go to a garage first to get a valuation cuz what i beleive its just little paint work and we should't go via insurance way which is going to hurt both of us ( insurance premiums). And i have no idea how much that will cost. She is traveling back to ireland tomorrow and there is a bank holiday on monday. She will let me know on tuesday.
Just wanna know how much a normal drivers side door paint work will cost me?? Any idea? I can send pictures as well.
Kind help would be appreciated.
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Look through other threads on here, I think it's roughly £250 + work required to blend in
depending on year and make of the car you could even expect to pay around £400
it sounds like not just paint work but a small dent in the door. i don't really know about prices but these sort of things can be very expensive depending on the garage that she uses and the make of her car as the above poster said. I would say £400 is not unreasonable an amount.

if she is going to get it repaired in ireland, you will have to send her money in euro. then she could always continue with the claim after she has got your money of course so it is all about trust.
I had similar and it cost £350 in the UK. Not sure on costs in Ireland though.
If the other party is happy with you paying for repairs and not contacting insurance companies then ;

use email as communication between you both,

ensure they haven't contacted them (insurance co.) already,

ask them (politely) to obtain 3 quotes for repairs,

decide mutually which garage to use,

agree when repair(s) will be done,

once you have confirmation from the other party (email) that the repairs are completed and to there satisfaction, then pay the garage directly,

ensure you receive a receipt from the garage.


go through insurance company and save the hassle.

With the distance I personally would go down the insurance company route, had I been local to the other party I'd go through the above process of paying myself.
Thanks everyone i appreciate that
That looks like a big job. The whole door will need to be resprayed. I'd hazard a guess at approx £350-£450.
Difficult to tell the extent from the pics, it looks like damage on the sill and the door in quite a bit, could be quoted for a new door skin if a repair is unfeasible. Top end of seabs figures at the least I would say.
Son bumped car in front sub 10mph. £240 bill for their car,T.cut for his. Cash on proof of cost
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