Car repairs and insurers.

    I have now waited six weeks since first contacting the insurers approved repairers. They keep fobbing me off with the excuse that they have not got a courtesy car available for me as part of my policy. I am keen to contact Swift Cover and complain, but I then do not want my car going to a mechanic who may have been anatagonised by my complaint and may wish to damage the car in other ways.

    The repairer is about 50 miles from my home which is surprising as there are at least three body shops in Eastbourne.


    That's pretty shocking and a long time to wait for repairs to be sorted. Do you absolutely need a courtesy car? How have you been getting by for the last 6 weeks? I think I would have complained to my insurers well before now - see if you can get your insurers to arrange a short term hire/rental - tell them that it's not your fault that the repairs are being delayed due to a lack of a courtesy car - you've waited long enough.

    Chuck in your complaint that your insurers need to look after your interests, not the garage's interests.

    is it a well known body shop? if so phone their main headquarters and complain. if your really worried, fot a wee camera somewhere in the car so you can see what they have done haha

    I had zurich basic comp ins.
    Does not give hire car BUT .I had legal cover they said when do. you want the car where and

    Perhaps Swift should consider changing their name.. ;-)

    They can hire a car for you if they don't have any available, that is what reputable insurers do.
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