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    I want to start learning how to do a service and understand how cars work etc, is there a website like this?



    try Haynes manuals, you can get them from halfords for most cars

    If you can afford it then evening classes at your local college would be better than any book or website. You will get the theory as well as the practical help....

    You can't go wrong with Haynes manuals. Get in touch with your local scrappy to as they might let you look around at all the cars and their various states of disrepair which can be more educational than any book.

    the suggestion from mosskeeto & get yourself a copy of ]Hilliers Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology. Its the one the training colleges recommend, I've still got my copy from when i was training, but its been revised seen my college days.

    Search for forums related to your particular car / car you want to work on. You can often find very detailed info.

    I have found particularly good forums for BMW and Audi's.

    What car have you got?

    Haynes manuals

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    Cheers guys!
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