Car Safety Advert

    A very very moving advert.


    Wow, don't really know what to say to that other than if that doesn't make you think twice about the way you drive then nothing will. Thanks for reminding me.


    I can't watch it at work. What happens?


    I can't watch it at work. What happens?

    people die from bad driving/careless crossing of roads. Lots of people say that people who speed have small willies.

    WOW! Really thought provoking! Music haunting - by Evanescence? - really atmospheric. Thanks for posting - pass it on. Rep added.

    that song alone gets me teary

    shouldn't be speeding anywho, the credit crunch is here.....

    Would be a good idea to show it to 16 & 17+ year olds, maybe as part of driving lessons

    Very moving video....shows what happens tho!

    Original Poster

    Just watched again and noticed, in the ghost scene, the one without a seatbelt floating off, and the one with the seatbelt struggling to get out and going back into the body. I missed that the first time.
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