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    is there any car sales person who can tell me what discount i could expect to get buying a new car for cash


    My dad works at a Ford Main Dealership so I believe I can kind of help you, however, it is a case of there being more than one answer.

    It seems as though there is no real leeway for discount on brand new cars.

    Someone I know bought a brand new Mazda RX8 about 2 years ago. They asked for discount and anything they could get, yet all got was some floor mats and no more than a full tank of petrol.

    I believe the figure the Dealership my dad works for is about £500-1000 on top of the part exchange price/price of a used car. So if the price they gave the previous owner was £5000 as part exchange, they would list it on the forecourt at say £7500, but may be able to let it go for as little as £5500.

    Like I said, it depends on who you go with, what car you go for and so many more bits and pieces.

    I do think you'll be lucky to get much, if anything at all, but all the best!

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    I bought a Fiesta from a Ford dealership 2 years ago. It was advertised at £4000 and after test driving it I said the most I would pay is £3500 which I would take it off your hands now for or I'll go and test drive some others.

    After a bit of umming and arring doing the usual of 'going to speak to the manager' they accepted. That was 12.5% I managed to knock off a fairly cheap car in the first place so I was quite pleased.

    Where are you buying your car from and what car is it?

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    going to buy a new Ford Mondeo that comes out in june or early July
    so it will be from a Ford dealer

    Not sure of how much of a discount you'll get on a new model. You'll have more luck with the old model as dealers will want to shift stock to make room for the new one.

    My advice is to wait a few months after the customers will be keen so discounts will be minimal but when things have calmed down there will be better deals to negotiate.... and when trying to deal try to give the impression that you already have a good deal lined up on another brand so they will then try harder to secure a deal...besides the profit on the deal thee is the lucrative after sales market and that is where real money is made.
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