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Found 21st Dec 2017
Bumped into my gf’s car last night and left a few scuffs, I have a white car so I’m not sure if the marks are my paint (I can see a very small bit of mines has been taken off completely) or has taken her paint off - think a machine polish could sort this out or repainted? Just looking for a bit of advice and the max price I’d be looking at, don’t want to get ripped off! Thanks for any help




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try t cut scratch repair it might remove a lot of the scratches providing that its surface paint, go for the cheaper option first before calling in the proffessionals
Personally I would use the 3M fast cut compound (green top) yes it’s expensive but it works. You do not need a mop (although it does make it a lot easier) just plenty of elbow grease.
doesnt look too deep - a medium abrasive should be able to take the majority out

do you have access to a machine buffer?
Thank you all @ding@AirbusA380@adamspencer95 - that’s a relief! I don’t have access to a machine buffer but will try out a couple of places locally to see if they would be able to do it at a reasonable price for convenience if not I’ll try out one of the formulas myself
Agreed, that looks like it would polish out fairly easily.

If you’ve got a polish like Autoglym SRP give that a try and it might help. If you’ve got to buy something Meguiars ultimate compound has a decent level of cut should be able to get the marks out.
Thanks @Sim

Only jokings
Thanks @.MUFC. - I’ll check it out @Derek_Horatio_Shatwell Haha! I actually did reverse into it too ...
.MUFC.21st Dec 2017

I find G3 scratch remover is the best.I've removed loads of scratches with …I find G3 scratch remover is the best.I've removed loads of scratches with it.

Yup what he said. Bought a bottle and it gets out scratches quite well by hand. You may need to buy a finishing polish a to use after though
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