Car scratched while driving- what next?

Posted 19th May 2015

I was driving in a narrow road today and about to turn left, so slowed down as much as possible since there was reduced visibility (quite a sharp corner) when another car (the racing type) came from the opposite trying to turn right. They saw me yet continued to drive, I turned away at almost zero speed to avoid them and eventually we found ourselves very close at an angle. Since they were just staring at me, it was up to me to reverse back (even though they had more space to drive away from me at that turn) and the car ended up slightly touching along the way.

Now, my car has a lot of scratches on each side (silver car) as as I tried to free the car while they watched and then finally reversed afterwards. Their car has none that were visible (black). We exchanged details, had to take his name from a bank card as he had no licence with him (if at all) and took the policy nr.

Now, as I have never been in this situation before, can anyone advise what happens next? I feel this wasn't my fault (don't we all) as they came speeding at me, at best the blame is on both. Do I contact my insurance company, does their company contact me etc, what are the options? Who decides how's as at fault? If I am found at fault, can I still claim from their company for my damages? Does me claiming from their company affect my premiums? Etc etc... I am pretty clueless:(

Any advice any experience very welcome!
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