Found 30th Aug 2007
Does anyone know where I can get a deal on a car seat for my baby she is now 9 months old and we want a forward facing rear seat.


I bought my car seat for our son from argos. It fits the description of what you want and cost £35. We chose it because it was easy to fit and will last him until the age of 11 or the height requirement (whichever comes first). It transforms from a fully supporting chair to just a booster. My mother in law also has this seat for the grand children and she also has had no probs. Hope this helps:-D PS the covers will go in a washing machine!!

Depends what car seat you want really. It is worth reading the Which Report if you are interested in safety ratings - I was shocked to find that the UK standards are not that high really and a lot of car seats do not perform well in a head on crash at 30mph!

If you have a newish car then it is better to get an Isofix seat if you car has the fitting points - check with the car seat manufacturers that their seat is compatible with your car (you can do this on all the major brand websites, Maxi-Cosi, Britax etc).

Once you've decided on all that then you can ask for help on the particular seat you need . . .

I have never bought a car seat,but i think Halford actually fit them if you buy there,I personally would have 1 correctly fitted over saving £20 or whatever buying online and putting it in yourself.

Mothercare are more reliable at fitting them - Which did a study and Mothercare was the best chain for correctly fitting them.....…jsp

Sign up for a 1 month trial of Which and have a look at their test reports and if you think the seats all work just as good as one another you may want to watch this…jsp

And if you think you're safe going for an expensive brand name like Mamas & Papas, think again....

We have just brought a new Car Seat for our son. We found the better priced ones were from ] If you live near there store (peterborough) they do fit it for you aswell. We got a Britax Evolva 123 Ultra Les Arc which takes them upto the age of 12 from the store for £79 there normally around £130. This was only an instore price as they didn't have a box, but they do have some great prices online.


I bought a 'Concord Trimax' and they are the best seats ever. They are a German company that will not do any sale deals with Mothercare or Halfords over here, so they are not that widely available. (Mothercare and Halfords get Britax to cut the prices of there seats in trade for keeping them as there sole or limited supplyer)

They were the first in the world to make the 5 point child seat (most Britax are 3 point, 2 shoulder straps joining to a centre leg point), Concord seats all have the five point where 2 hip points attach to the side of the chair. This is needed as most kids enjoy taking their arms out of the shoulder straps (usually once you have set off driving) meaning the safety support is greatly reduced, the 5 point harness keeps the child in place even if they do not have the shoulder strap on.

The Trimax range have side impact and support headrests (handy for when they fall asleep) and they also come with a removeable, washable tough leather cover.

Concord are massive in Germany, and Canada and the US, but just haven't made it here because of the deals Mothercare do with Britax. But put it this way, I was so pleased with my 1st seat (bought in Leeds) that I travelled to Edinburgh to get my 2nd.

I have found one website that sells them…=54…tml
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