Car Seat Advice- Group 1 or Group123

Found 27th Dec 2016
Hi guys
Need to buy two car seats for our little one - one for the wife and I as we will be dropping and picking up on nursery on different days.
Would like to know if it is better to get a Group 1 or a Group 123 combination seat in peoples experience?
The two on our shortlist is:
Kiddy Phoenixfix 3
Kiddy Guardian Pro 2
Would really appreciate any feedback on the above seats or the different type of seats.


You really need to go physically try out the seats, both for fitting in your cars and for the child to try for comfort/getting in and out; the biggest issue with car seats is them not fitting correctly, and so not safe.

Are you sure your wife will fit in one?

I gonna have same thing to do soon and I'd rather opt for RWF group one seats because of child safety but... it's all about budget - not everyone can afford two beSafe red group 1 seats

Original Poster

Will definitely be going to try.
But would like to get opinions of other parents who have bought combination seats or just a group 1 seat?

Make sure its easy to remove the covers, as the little darings love a good upchuck in them.
Also try asking on (great site for advice and offers ect).
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