Car Seat refund policy

    bought a car seat from halford yesterday but it was too big for my car
    thinking of taking it back as it really obstructing my back window view
    can store take back car seat?
    anybody any experiences before


    if you have receipt and packaging they probably will accept it back, although if it fits correctly, then whats more important, rear vision or your childs safety as maybe other seats do not fit as securely? assuming you had a trained member of staff check which seats fitted your car.


    [FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="Navy"]You do realise you don't have to be able to see clearly out of your rear view mirror?

    Try looking out of your drivers door window, or alternative, the passenger windows.


    Original Poster

    i am just not convinced this car seat is right for me
    shoulda done research instead of relying on staff
    the manager i spoke to on the phone is very nice
    he said that if i am not happy just return it
    but the prblem now is the box was left in the store ( the guy unpack for me he did not give me the box), everything is in pristine condition, hell my baby was ride on it once but kept crying because the car seat was swaying right to left)

    my mistake

    get them to come out and look at your car, maybe they can advise you on which is best for your car
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