Car shampoo..what will remove sticky insects

My beautiful new shiny black car has got little sticky bits on the bonnet and back of wing mirrors caused by insects I think. I have used various shampoos, and it just won't wash or polish off. Anyone got any suggestions please??




Tar & Glue remover

If it is just dead bugs, then the damp cloth is the simplest and cheapest If it is tar, (residue that comes off the road through normal use. Usually found in specks around the front and lower sides of the car) then you will need a tar and glue remover as mentioned. As an immediate alternative, you can use a small amount of nail varnish remover. BUT as this takes off nail varnish, and you are dealing with paint, really only use this if you have no alternative. Use sparingly and ensure you wash the area fully afterwards. The pre-mixed chemicals essentially do the same thing, but at a concentration that reduces the risk to your car paintwork. The 'outside' surface of most cars is a pretty decent layer of lacquer and if you are getting down to paint, then that is a different matter! (you will notice significant 'dull' areas if this were to happen, so dont worry!). In all cases, you are using chemicals, so ensure you wash the area after you are done Oh, and try to resist the urge just to pick the spots off, worst case, you damage the paint for a the sake of a fairly cheap chemical that will last you probably longer than you will have the car, best case you scratch the bodywork and have to do more work to fix that later :P


This is more as a finishing product, after you have washed a car? This would not remove tar and I doubt it would remove bug debris. Cleaning the car and using a damp cloth of tough dried on bugs would do the same. Yes, I have tried the demon shine products, and it is no more effective than the supposed 'built in wax' products we have used professionally. This sort of thing gives a 'shine' and reduces the need to dry a car to prevent water marks. In reality, this is a short cut for people who wouldnt go to the effort or waxing their car anyway, or a stop gap for those who do



I have never tried this, but i guess in theory it might work? If I was going to use non-specific chemicals, I think i would stick with the nail polish remover as you can remove it with water. WD40 is waterproof i think?


Tar & Glue remover

this ^^

One last alternative. If you search on ebay/google for 'traffic film remover'. If it is just bugs and more than you want to deal with with damp cloth, etc, I would recommend from Autosmart/autoglym (used to be the same company, but now one has gone commercial the other domestic - you can find autoglym at most halfords). Essentially they are the same product, but most autoglym products require less dilution, so are suitable for home use. A traffic film remover is applied to a wet car BEFORE you use the shampoo. This stage removes the chemical film that builds up on cars and loosens it before you wash the car properly. Dilute as per the product and apply to the whole car with a spray (one that you build the pressure up first rather than keep pulling a trigger, but those work too :P ). allow to work for the specified time and then wash off. Next stage is to use your shampoo and wash the car as normal

People are selling Autosmart 'tardis' in 250ml for £4 odd on ebay Dont think I can post link, but product id for a starting point is - 280559008376. Not sure of any of their reputation. Most seem to be buying direct in bulk and filling their own containers. Ensure who-ever you get it from sends you all the correct information and paperwork (also on the autosmart website if the are not!)

Out of all the things ive tried, this works best for me

Bug shifter pad

Probably cheapest too
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