Car Speaker help needed.

    I've bought some new speakers to upgrade the standard ones in my car bgut before I start stripping off the door panels can anyone help me with a question.

    My new speakers are 5x7 Coaxials and should just slot straight in.

    BUT the new ones have 3 connections, whereas any speakers I've seen before only have 2.

    What do you do with the 3rd connection?

    The instruction manual is a waste of space and doesn't even show the connections.

    Suppose I could just phone up the place I got them from, but typing seemed like the easier option.

    I've googled every combination of prongs and connection that I can but find nothing.

    Thanks for any advice you may have.


    perhaps for tweeter connection?

    3 connections? are 2 of 'normal' size and one smaller? some cars have a 2 size terminals, some have 2 the same. just fit the 2 and power it up. im sure you will notice if it doesnt sound right.

    Original Poster

    Tweeter, I hadn't though of that. That's a possible..
    Once my adaptors turn up from eBay I'll just have a play and see which ones work.

    Thanks for the advice above.
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