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    I need two 17cm (6.5") car speakers, its for a seat ibiza 1.2 52 plate, only thing is the speakers need to be able to connect to the four prongue adaptor, now im a real newbie when it comes audio, so im not sure whether the connection is universial, i took both speakers out and attached a picture to show what the connection has to be.

    I also need a new headunit, lost the security code and now seat want £30 to get the code so thought id get a new one for about £50, but im not sure if i can just buy any head unit do they have differnt connections?


    If you get the Model number of the stereo and google it you may get the security code? Or the Chassis number of the car the end number of that? There are Seat forums which may help you out?…=14

    with regards to the head unit, as long as there is space for a standard single DIN stereo then any should fit. The connection is usually a standard ISO connection, and if not there will be an ISO connector available. have a look on Seat forums, they may be able to help more with specifics. but if you do need an ISO connector, get one off fleabay, otherwise halfords will try and fleece you for about £15 for one that you can easily get for less than £5

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    yeah been on all of them searched for many hours, ive got the chasis number and the strero serial number but cant find any where to get the code.

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    Here is the speaker i took out the adaptor which is attached to the door fit in to the top of that speaker.
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