Car steaming up whilst driving!

Posted 6th Nov
It’s that time of year again when the car is either steamed up when getting in the car or starts steaming up when driving as I’ve just discovered.
Any recommendations please on what you use that works for you?
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Air con works wonders, but that died on my car so th fan on full and hot works too. When it's really bad I do the fan on full and hot and my windows open for a few minutes, my logic was it might allow some of the wet air to get out. Might be rubbish though
I find if I hold my breath whilst I drive then the windows don’t steam up(y)
Keep side windows open until fan is blowing warm air. Should only take a minute or two when driving. Don't just leave it running on the drive for 5 minutes
Unless you have a modern car with quick clear windscreen and good heating/air con, open the window a crack, job done.
INDUSTRYHATER06/11/2019 06:28

I find if I hold my breath whilst I drive then the windows don’t steam u …I find if I hold my breath whilst I drive then the windows don’t steam up(y)

I find if I walk instead I don’t get that issue
Put the aircon on, it’s not just for keeping you cool.
Make sure your heating isn’t on air recirculate. That is an instant steam up.
Also depending on your car, find out where the drain holes are in the doors etc. They could be blocked an your storing water that ingresses into the car.
I found that a wet umbrella would cause the car to be steamed up, so you're looking for a source of moisture.
Also, warm air can hold a lot of moisture, so open your window a couple of minutes before your destination.
And get the Aircon checked!
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If you have aircon, leave it on through the winter. If you don't, try a damp trap from Poundland etc.
Every car I've bought over the years (Ford all the way ) has had the quick clear windscreen thing. It's so useful, I would never buy a car without it. Clears up within seconds.
Pollen filter might want changing
i had this, but fixed by smashing out my windscreen
Make sure its not switched to recirculate

Symbol similar to this
Put your air con on and keep it on, even through the Winter. So many people think it’s only for Summer then wonder why it doesn’t work after not being used for months on end.
snoopy1806/11/2019 08:28

Pollen filter might want changing

Best suggestion. Changing pollen filter is normally the answer to the OP's issue.
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