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    Had the battery go flat in my wifes old Peugeot 106 so the code for the radios gone. Should I call Peugeot themselves or a dealer? Will they charge me for resetting the code? To be honest the stereos a rubbish standard tape player, but it does fit the hole in the dash of course, whereas I would have to get a blanking plate if I fitted a standard one. Anybody know anything that could help? Do I just give the reg or do they need the Vin? Thanks


    If you can take out the stereo, the code might be on the underside of it. I know it is a daft practice by the car dealers, but I found the code for two of my cars in the past this way. The code should also be in a users manual, if you still have it. Yes, they will charge you for the service if you don't have the code. Just take all your documentation with you, plus the car of course

    It is probably cheaper to get a cheap stereo. It will fit.

    You should be able to get an adaptor plate (so you can fit a standard stereo) for around £10 off Ebay. You might find the radio code in the wallet that contained the car handbook if it's still there. Otherwise, you will be paying someone to get the code for you. I was quoted £25 several years ago so almost certainly not worth it?

    Or just update it with this for £25 from Argos : :thumbsup:…cd/

    You need to find the software freely available on the net, search for or
    if you post the serial number off the stereo I will try to generate the code for you.
    It may be worth ringing the supplying dealer as they may have the code on the system saving you taking the stereo out.

    i found if u phone a dealer u can get the code as they can check reg and owner and it was free over phone but if u take it into a dealer they will charge u

    Same thing happened with me and I bought a code breaking software from Ebay. It worked. It costed around £3.

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    Thanks all for the helpful advice - the stereos really old, its just a tape & radio - will it necessarily have a code thats applicable to a code generator?
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