Car Stereo FM Transmitter?

Found 17th May
Anyone really pleased with a Car Stereo FM Transmitter they have bought. Some I hear give poor and cracking sound but I'm sure other makes are good?. User advice appreciated.
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try a branded one like griffin although i though most ppl use bluetooth transmitters now days
But doesn't the radio need to be Bluetooth or is Bluetooth used to connect phone to transmitter?; So no cable required from audio jack on phone?
+1 for griffin, the fm transmitters are okay all of them have their flaws but it’s a good solution when you have no aux in or in car Bluetooth
What year and model car is it for? Its often very cheap and easy to add an aux in.
They are naff as tried 2 fm transmitters. Swap stereo as cheap for Bluetooth
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Xiaomi Roidmi work well. We have the original one and 2s. Can't fault them. There's a 3s out now too.
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