car stereo - suggestions please!

Hubby bought me a new car stereo for Christmas bless him, but quite frankly, its a bit naff! It skips on cd's constantly, even when they aren't scratched, and its far too easy to accidently press the volume button when turning, which then starts messing with bass settings etc grr!
I wanted it as I had an ipod, so I needed an aux input which my old one didn't have, but find where the input is on mine, its too easy to catch the lead and knock it out.
Soo....I'm looking for one which plays cd's, has an ipod dock connection (do these exist? Rather than a lead? Or is that a dumb question?) and has a nice bright display. I'm not fussed about an all singing, all dancing one, just something nice looking and easy to use. If theres a good offer on speakers with it, all the better as mine have had it!
Any suggestions please let me know, new or used!

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