Car Stereo to hook up with my Ipod


    I was on here a while back asking about this and it seems the Alpine
    came out on top.

    I spent the money on a holiday instead, but back and definately going to buy.

    So any other recommendations on a unit where I can hook up my IPod, maybe running a cable from the back into the glove box, so I can leave it there and just access via the actual head Unit.

    Can't be bothered with the Itrips, as used those in the past.



    So many to choose from mate.....

    Whats your budget ?

    Original Poster

    I was looking at £150ish

    That Alpine looks pretty good, does it do bluetooth?

    I'm not an audiophile or gadget geek, but I don't mind paying a little more if you get much better functions..

    You can buy any Blaupunkt radio and get iPod adaptor for it. ]This one. In such case, if I got it right, the radio is fooled to think it got CD changer and is controlling iPod instead.

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys
    I think i'm going to go for an old in one head unit option.
    Without the need for an adapter.
    That way it will be easier to instal and all the money is going on the head unit.
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