Posted 17th Dec 2022 (Posted 9 h, 34 m ago)
Neighbours car was stolen this morning outside his house . They first broke into his van and rummaged and found a spare set of keys to the family car . Question is will he still be insured for the stolen car as the spare car keys were taken from his other vehicle ( van) that was also locked and broken into
Any advice greatly appreciated
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    Insurance Underwriter and former claims handler of 20+ years experience

    Highly likely claim will not be paid if spare keys are kept in another vehicle. There will be something in the policy wording saying that this is not suitable. Had the spare keys been kept in the home property or locked area at work not in the vehicle then the thieves wod have only taken contents of the vehicle, not the whole vehicle.
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    I can't see why they wouldn't be insured.
    The spare keys were locked away.
    As long as the van was locked that is.
    How is it different to someone breaking into a house and stealing the keys?
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    Guessing best bet would be for them to ring the insurers and ask, they'll get claim for that all the time I would of thought 😁
    I disagree. Asking internet strangers is today's method.

    To be fair, there can be similar experiences here to share.
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    Ask HUKD internet strangers or ask the insurers? Tough choice. The mind boggles at some questions on here.
    Your right. I'm going to ask The Mirror paper now.
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    Have you ever had this scenario before or are you guesstimating?
    Will depend on the policy wording but I worked in a specialist motor theft investigation department for 2.5 years at Direct Line

    Almost all policies have this wording so that people keep their car keys safe and within reasonable lengths away from criminals.

    Without this part of the wording, vehicle thefts would be significantly higher and everyone's motor premiums would likely be 1000's of pounds higher.
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    I would have thought it as being obvious that insurance wouldn’t pay as the van didn’t get stolen.
    Why did he leave car keys for a car what’s next to the van?? Is it always inside the van or did he forget them in the van . Big arguments on this one which might need to go to court
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    He asked me at 5.30 this morning when it got stolen and was worried about his insurance so stop spouting lies as you don't know nothing about what was said or happened in the early hours of this morning . You sound a right know it all (edited)
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