car tax

    This is1st time ive asked for any thing so sorry for bein cheaky but does any 1 know if theres any vouchers we can use to get cheeper car tax or codes cheers n please be nice this is me 1st go lol...........
    Cheers for help in advance if theres any..............



    Its a tax! Not an item you buy from the shops! :w00t:

    Much as we would all love a voucher to get off paying tax, you cannot avoid it.

    All you can really do is get a lower emmision car to pay as little as £35 per year. There are 'pay monthly' schemes but you tend to pay a premuim for these. The only other thing you can do is pretend to be disabled, and then apply for a mobility car where the tax is paid for you (however this option will mean you are a benefit cheat, which is up to 2 years in prison and a hefty fine)

    Nice Try

    lmfao i wish,

    I got it for £35 a year?

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    cheers i am disabled dnt claim so could i still get it thanks?


    cheers i am disabled dnt claim so could i still get it thanks?

    you only get a rebate if you are disabled and cannot get around yourself?

    my old man has a blue badge and doesnt get tax rebate.

    A scanner, photoshop and a printer :thumbsup:

    ** DISCLAIMER: This IS a joke, before the usual moaners start crawling out :roll: **

    i wish :w00t:

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    cheers 4dat link cuzzy:thumbsup:
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