Car tax direct debit question?

Found 27th Feb
Hi guys
I don't think I'm going to keeping my car for much longer than 3 months and as my tax runs out at the end of Feb I thought I'd get it by monthly direct debit but have just been to do it and the price is saying the full annual price with the monthly payments amount.
but in the terms it says I could be liable to enforcement if I don't keep up payments.
So would I have any problems if I cancel it in 3 months ? would they just cancel the car tax
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When you return the new keeper slip you will be refunded any amounts own to you from the date of sale. Enforcement is if you keep driving the vehicle after you cancel the tax.
Once you fill out the "‘new keeper supplement" part of the vehicle V5C (the paper logbook so to speak) form, or SORN the vehicle they stop the direct debit for your tax. Went through this myself when I purchased a new car. In all honesty they where very quick and I got email confirmation also. Mine was in the middle of the month and within 4-6 days of filling out the new keeper supplement I had got the email and also letter to say. Actually found it a lot easier than going through the claiming back process from before when I had paid full years tax.

All below about the process also.
Cancelling Vehicle Tax Direct Debit
Thanks for that.
That's clears it up for me , I'll set that up now
You won't have any problems, I was in the same situation as you last year. You literally just cancel the direct debit. It's so much easier than it used to be. I also found our that if you change bank accounts then you also do the same, cancel the original direct debit and set up a new payment schedule. You don't need to inform them at all.
stefromuk7 m ago

Thanks for that.That's clears it up for me , I'll set that up now

Also thank you, just came into my head my car almost a year old and not got Tax reminder yet and had bought before the new car tax laws started (just got first service on Friday). Turns out it not due until 1st April lol.
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